Oct 22, 2012

Sir Yes Sir! [Military Style]

I'm not exactly sure when military style clothes became fashionable, but I DO know that I purchased a pair of (very subtle) camo skinnies from Gap a few years back and I've been hooked ever since. Now I am craving everything military. Of course, use your own discretion when wearing this trend...you don't want to look like you're about to go into battle, ya know? I wouldn't recommend wearing more than one "military inspired" piece at a time, but whatever floats your boat! Now, lets get to my favorite pieces...HOOAH! (Army talk).

[This cape-style coat is the perfect army green - and check out that gold hardware!]
[Love the double-breasted row of gold buttons, as well as the high collar on this jacket]

[See? Camo pants can be girly and cute! Love the stud-detail at the pocket too]

[I'm pretty sure that if you were to slip these bad boys on, you'd feel like a total bad ass]

[L'Oreal's Brit Invasion - A greenish, brownish, goldish nail polish that I'm currently obsessed with. This picture does NO justice]

Are you liking the military trend? Which is your favorite way to show off this military trend?

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