Oct 24, 2012

Go Green Smoothie

We had a guest stay with us last week and apparently during the duration of her stay, I did a lot of jibber-jabbering about how much I wanted a blender. I’ve wanted one for ages and I kind of think they’re the greatest appliance on the face of this earth, but I’ve hesitated in buying one since we’re in a somewhat transitional stage. Like, what if I bought one and fell in love with it and then had to give it away? That’d be the worst. But then as a way of saying thanks, our guest gifted us with…you guessed it, a blender! I’m not sure I even have words to explain my subsequent happiness. It’s been a week with this thing and I’m still ecstatic. It’s the little things in life, right? Like a new blender.

First on my list of treats to make with my new toy: Green Smoothies. I like fruit and vegetables, but I’ll admit, albeit shamefully, that I don’t always give my body it’s fair share of them. Unlike Corey who plays a daily game with herself called “How Many Vegetables Can I Eat Today” and who now feels that I’m challenging her by eating this nutrient dense delight. 

There are so many different things that you can put into a Green Smoothie, which only makes it that much more glorious. To start, throw in a little liquid of some sort like water, coconut water, lemon juice (or I’ve added in orange juice, which is delicious) to help the blending process.

Add in your leafy veggies, which can be any combination of things like: spinach, kale, celery, lettuce, parsley, etc.  I won’t get all scientific up in here (partly because I hardly know anything about anything when it comes to science) but the green vegetables serve to clean out harmful toxins and help to boost your energy level. Maybe it’s a placebo effect as a result of knowing this, but after drinking a smoothie my energy is equal to having had two cups of espresso…minus the feeling of having all that caffeine in my system. Those around me best beware.

Then you add in your fruits of choice, which serve to hide the subtle vegetable taste. Lately, I’ve been using blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and bananas into mine. The banana is what puts the “smooth” in smoothie, though you can also add yogurt to get that texture if you prefer. You can use apples, pears or anything else you think might work well! 

Who wouldn't want to drink that beautiful green color?! I promise it's delicious. Add in a few ice cubes to cool down the beverage as well.

Have you ever had a Green Smoothie? If not, would you ever give it a try? I'm legitimately obsessed and I no longer have to worry about getting my daily fruits and veggies! 

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