Oct 10, 2012

Collecting Coats

I bought my first pea coat whilst in my sophomore year of college. (Who knows what I was wearing prior to that). I had it for about three years until it was stolen in a Florence nightclub (Space anyone??) during a brief visit and long story short, the rest of my trip I was forced to wear a men’s coat and was none too pleased. During this same visit, I realized that while I had been wearing the same jacket night in and night out, no matter the occasion, the people around me (my boyfriend included) had a rotating selection from which to choose. There began my lesson in the importance of a coat collection.

It won’t quite be winter coat weather in Tuscany for a couple more months, but nighttime temperatures definitely call for extra layers and  I now appreciate that while you have your default jacket, the one you go to on any given day, it’s nice to provide yourself with some options in other instances. Moreover, Italians don’t shy away from the cold (much to my dismay) and while the air gets increasingly chillier, we typically remain outside when we go out for drinks at night. Seriously, I’m completely baffled as to why I can’t persuade anyone to go inside during mid-January, but that’s beside the point. Regardless, if I’m looking at the glass half full, standing out in the cold simply offers more opportunities  to wear a variety of jackets and that, I do not hate.

Here are a few fall jackets I've got my eye on:

[I’m obsessed with this green canvas jacket with a faux fur hood and the comfy cute look it conveys]

 [I love trench coats in general, but this season I’m crushing on the cropped cut trenches in particular]

  [Leather jackets are always a win, especially with leather being all the rage right now]

 [Blazers serve as a great added layer in the fall and this one with wool and leather sleeve accents is perfect]

[I’m not even sure where to begin with this one - how about the tweed for a start - but I was sold the moment I saw it]

Do you have more than one jacket you wear on a regular basis? Which one would you consider your "go-to"?


  1. great picks! I am especially loving the last one! x


  2. I LOVE that very first jacket. I need that in my life!


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