Nov 30, 2012

All the Small Things

[First snow of the season!]

[One of my favorite birthday gifts - a gold, Euro coin  bracelet from my boyfriend]
[Undoubtedly my favorite part of Thanksgiving leftovers - homemade turkey noodle soup]
[Festive ponytail holders - just in time for the holiday season]

[Falling in love at the puppy store]

[Some purple action going on]
Have a fantastic weekend!

Nov 29, 2012

Bic Bands

When I am working out, one of my biggest pet peeves is when my sweaty, locks of hair free themselves from my pony tail and consequently end up in my face and my eyes. Often, those strands of hair act as tiny vehicles for beads of sweat and manage to fling those droplets of saltwater straight into my eyeballs - which STINGS and results in temporary blindness - an extreme hazard while doing sprints on the treadmill.  Wow, what an attractive visual I just created for you are welcome.

To prevent all the above tragedies from occurring, I was never at the gym without a headband! More specifically, an extremely thin metal headband that was really the only one that stayed in place and didn't give me a headache if I wore it for more than a couple hours! It was one of my most prized possessions. 

However, after a weekend trip, I was unpacking only to shockingly discover my tiny, little headband had been completely smooshed in the bottom of my bag and was bent out of shape to the point of no return. I nearly cried. 

With my bottom lip quivering, I slowly made my way over to the computer to Google alternatives. That's when I discovered Bic Bands. I know what you're thinking -- "Ohhh those elastic headbands always slip off my head!" People, I've been there. I swear, I must have a cone-shaped head under all my hair because every elastic headband I've put on usually pops right off! 
[Thick Houndstooth Bic Band]
Bic Bands are different. They do not slip! I promise you. They come in so many amazing colors, patterns, and sizes it would be impossible for you to not fall in love with one of their headbands after visiting their website.

[Ignore the weirdo pointing - and notice how my band stayed exactly where I wanted it to!]
The best part? Each month Bic Bands donates from the sale of every band to a different charity. 

[Headband placement after spending a good 1.5 hours bopping around the gym - no adjustments needed!]
I purchased the skinny sparkle gold band and I love it. Not only have I worn it to the gym, I wore it when I went out with my friends for my birthday! 

[Bic Band without the sweat and gym clothes - looks pretty good, huh?]

If you're worried about the band starting to smell after wearing it to the gym a few too many times, the website states that in order to clean it, you just have to jump in the shower with it on! Perfect for us lazy girls (me) !!

Do you use anything while working out to keep the hair out of your face? Do you have any favorite work-out products?? Please share!

Nov 28, 2012

Venice's Little Moments

Venice is wonderful for many reasons, but it’s the little moments, which can’t be easily captured that really make it unique.

In Venice,  the streets flood, sometimes lights go out for a few seconds in restaurants, and tourists wander passageways that turn dark and silent once the clock strikes 11pm (in a non-creepy way).

In Venice, canals are to roads and boats are to cars and unlike the rest of Italy, parking isn’t a problem. Even the police station is located on the water, with police boats and ambulances roaming the rivers, looking like something made out of LEGOs.

In Venice, days are devoted to walking through the tiny boutique-laden streets brimming with colorful glass sculptures specially created on the little (adorable, beautiful) Venetian island of Murano.

In Venice, I spent one morning running along the Grand Canal, with the water, the gondolas and the boats on one side, buildings bursting with history on the other. Without a glimpse of my watch, 20 minutes turned into an hour. I stumbled upon a brick lain path that led to a park resting on the water edge, as the scent of cafĂ© and pastries wafted through the air and seagulls flew overhead.

Another night, we happily meandered into Piazza San Marco, stomachs full of food and wine, as the fog settled in from the Grand Canal. There was a sort of enchantment gushing from every nook and cranny; the classic streetlamps that seemed ignited, the people walking around whose figures cast faint shadows, the soft melodies emanating from a saxophone being played in a nearby restaurant that echoed throughout the piazza.

It’s the little moments like these that almost seem like too much, like as though they couldn’t possibly be real, that I wish I could bottle up and save for later. It’s the little moments like these that make Venice so magical.

[The Rialto Bridge]
[At the gala]
[Our hotel]

What's your favorite city? What moments made you love it so much?

Nov 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

So today is my birthday. I'm the big 2-5 and less than thrilled about it. 25 just sounds so...old. And gross. I guess I can rent a car now, but is that really something to get excited about? Ehhh...nahh. However, a wise person once said,  you're only as old as you feel (and look) so until I find my first wrinkle or gray hair (knock on wood that won't be for another 10 years) I really don't pay attention to my numerical assignment. 

In my mind, this is really the only time of year I can create a wish list and not seem like a selfish, greedy person. And it's great because whatever I don't receive from my list for my birthday, automatically becomes my Christmas wish list! Perfect timing!

Normally I think of business card holders as very boring and bland - but I love this one! I also have come to the realization that I really shouldn't attend a business meeting and whip out a stack of dirty, ripped business cards held together by a rubber band, from the bottom of my bag. Not so professional. But this holder screams "I've got my shit together! I swear!!"

The name says it all - LifeProof. Guaranteed to survive anything that life throws your way. It's waterproof, shockproof, and not at all bulky!! I sure could have used this case when I dropped my old phone in the toilet a couple years back. Yes, it survived, but it was never the same after that fateful day. 
I've always been a fan of Moleskine planners (they allow for abundant list-making) and why not release my inner nerd with these Star Wars themed planners?? 

I love these "above the knuckle" stacking rings! I'm pretty sure they were made for girls like me, with fatter than average fingers. It's virtually impossible to find feminine rings that will fit over my knuckle, so I love that they are finally catering to us fat-fingered-females.

My current pair of sneakers are in such a sad state. Holes in the sides, completely worn out and just so tired looking. This pair has been top rated for cross training purposes! And doesn't that hot pink sole just make you wanna run your booty off on the treadmill??

I've been drooling over KitchenAid mixers for as long as I have been baking. A girl can dream, can't she? Not to mention that turquoise color would look great on any kitchen counter. 

So, there is my list! It's funny how my wish lists have gone from Barbie dolls to business card holders. Oh how times have changed!

What's on your holiday wish list this year?

Nov 26, 2012

Venice, City That I Love

Our Venice trip had been on the calendar for months. I had heard about the “sinking” city, the great city that sits on water, the city of love. I looked forward to the hotel, the gala, the little taste of vacation for which I was seriously longing. But as with most trips I go on, I didn’t do any research beforehand. I didn’t do much planning as most of it was already done for us and I didn’t think too much about the many little details that collectively create the magnificence that is Venice. Instead, I decided to let the city take me where it would, to wait to feel whatever I would feel once I had arrived and experienced it’s wonder on my own.

I didn’t have to wait long. As soon as stepping foot onto the stairs leading down from the train station I was struck. While Nicco sought to figure out the water bus system, I stood staring, looking wildly around as I walked. The magical atmosphere that envelops Venice’s visitors isn’t overrated. It isn’t talked about in stories and books for no apparent reason. It’s real, it exists and it hugged me for the entire five days we were there. Yes, Venice hugged me. Needless to say, I eagerly embraced it back. It’s been a week and a half since we left (though it seems like more) and I’m not being dramatic when I say my heart still hurts for Venice. Is that crazy?! 

"If you read a lot, nothing is as great as you've imagined. Venice is - Venice is better."
Fran Lebowitz

There's more to come on Wednesday! Is there any particular city for which you've felt so strongly?

Nov 23, 2012

All the Small Things

[Quintessential girly nails]
[Perfect holiday gifts for pretty much anyone]
[Cinnamon on top of any warm beverage is a must]
[Purple lights on a balcony looking over Prato]
[Family movie time and a cozy fire]
[Mini pudding pie]

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the time spent with family and friends. And if you are crazy enough to go shopping today - we wish you luck in avoiding being trampled.

Nov 22, 2012

How to Have a Perfect Weekend in NYC

1. Have a hearty breakfast. Think New York bagel, or if you don't like bagels (I'm a weirdo!!) how about an egg sandwich? Or if you're like my good friend Mary, some matzo ball soup. Breakfast of champions!!

2. Walk around as much as you can, as long as the weather allows. Take pictures in front of cute streets and laugh as loud as you want. One time I was walking around the city with a good friend and we were laughing hysterically of course. A New Yorker walked by briskly and said "well at least someone is happy here." So we must spread joy in NYC people!

3. Allot at least a 2 hour time slot for the dog park. It doesn't matter if you have a dog or not. You will be sucked into the drama of the k9's and will completely lose track of time.

4. At this point you are probably a bit tired from the 4 miles you've already walked. Go to Dylan's candy bar and get one of their sample bags. Pick a few of your favorite candies for sustenance. 

5. Head back to the apartment to prepare for the evening's festivities. This includes (but is not limited) to watching some episodes of Paula Deen, napping, curling/straightening hair, and pregaming with homemade cocktails. This step should also include many unnecessary pictures and self takes. 

6. Meet up with 20 of your "closest" friends for unlimited sushi, beer, and sake. Be prepared to see a ridiculously large bill at the end of the event.

7. Take a cab ride to your next destination. Because cab rides are so much more diva than the subway. Don't forget the obligatory selfie in the back of the cab!

8. Go dancing at a strip club turned bar. This one was pretty great. Be sure it stay out until at least 4am. 

There you have it! My steps to having the perfect weekend in NYC. 

What makes up a perfect weekend in NYC for you?