Dec 11, 2012

BluePrint Cleanse : Review

Yo mangs! So I just finished my 3-day juice cleanse. You might be wondering how I feel after not chewing for three days? Honestly ... I feel pretty good! Really, no different than normal. I'm really glad I went through with the cleanse, even if the Whole Foods worker gave me the strangest looks when I told her I was only going to drink juice for the next three days.

If you're unfamiliar with the BluePrint cleanse I definitely recommend checking out their website. They offer three different levels of cleanses, and you can choose the number of days you want your cleanse to last. Because I'm a cleansing newbie, I went with the beginner's level cleanse - renovation, for three days! 

Here are the juices that I consumed for three days...

Juice #1 - Green!

After first sip of this juice, I was a bit surprised. My honest initial reaction? I thought it tasted like seaweed (what they wrap sushi in). As I continued slurping, I decided it was pretty tasty. To me, the lemon really stood out, which gave it a nice sour taste. As the days went on, I found that I craved this juice first thing in the morning - it was refreshing! Kind of like a nice liquid salad!

Juice #2 - Gold

This juice was absolutely my favorite - deliciously, naturally sweet, and refreshing. I had no problems chugging this one down. Is it weird that I also thought it would also make a great mixer? Perhaps with vodka? Mmmm I would drink this juice on the reg.

Juice #3 - Green - yes, again.

Green juice for lunch! For some reason, this second green juice was harder to get down than the first. Perhaps it's because I had just previously drank liquid heaven? Regardless, my palate eventually adjusted and I got this one down just fine. I think that these juices were the reason that I was able to stay alert and functioning without coffee. Pure super food in that bottle!

Juice #4 - Yellow

When I read the ingredients on the bottle - I had a bit of deja vu ... master cleanse anyone? Not that I've ever tried the master cleanse but I've read about all the little psychos who had attempted to survive on lemon, water, maple syrup, and cayenne. Sorry - that type of cleanse just isn't for me! This juice, however, was wonderful. It was like an all natural energy drink. I consumed it around 4pm and it lifted me out of my afternoon slump. Don't let the cayenne scare you away - it's not really spicy, just heats up your throat a bit, in a good way!

Juice #5 - Red

Ughhh. Red juice. The bane of my existence. Don't let it's gorgeous red color fool you. This one is a doozy. Let it be known that I don't eat beets on the reg. So maybe that is why this juice really didn't sit with me well. It had a very "earthy" taste to it. It wasn't awful, the apple made it a bit sweet! But by the third day this big boy was hard to choke down. However, I considered this one my dinner, so it was essential! 

Juice #6 - White

I miss drinking the white juice already!! It was thick, creamy, a bit gritty (because of the cashews) and overall a dreamy drink to end the day with. I loved the flavor of it. Outside of the cleanse, I drink almond milk alllllll the time. Like, I chug the stuff straight from the gallon container. This drink had that same nutty, sweet taste. I loved it! And with 300 calories and 19 grams of fat - it was a lovely way to end a day of juice. 

My overall thoughts...

Would I do it again?

Probably not. Prior to doing the cleanse I read a TON of reviews by people who had already completed it. Many said they were super energetic while on the cleanse. I never felt this burst of energy. I'm not saying I was tired at all - but I wasn't bouncing off the walls either. 

I think this cleanse is great for someone who wants to become a healthy eater and needs help stopping the cravings for sweets, junk food, etc. However, I eat tons of veggies, fruits, and lean proteins all day every day! I pride myself on how healthy I try to eat. I'm not saying that I don't indulge once in a while - what fun would that be?? But I know how to eat right. I also exercise regularly which definitely helps me stay on track as well. 

I am glad I did this cleanse though. I feel like it has helped tame my sweet tooth. Now, I definitely will be reaching for something from the fruit bowl, not the cookie jar! 

Because I was consuming only juice for 3 days, my stomach has shrunk a bit. I'm hoping this will help me to eat smaller portions (especially at the 3 holiday parties I have this weekend!!)

Some pros to the BluePrint cleanse:

-I lost about 5 pounds.
-Craving veggies & fruits!
-Not eating as much at meals, instead, eating more frequent smaller meals throughout the day.

Some cons to the BluePrint cleanse:

-I was CONSTANTLY cold while on this cleanse, which was horrible! I hate being cold. Yes, I partially blame myself because I decided to do a juice cleanse in the middle of winter.
-The cleanse is expensive! I paid $154 for a three day cleanse (I purchased my juices from Whole Foods)
-I really really missed chewing!! (I'm a total foodie)

Do you all have any questions for me about the cleanse? I'd be happy to answer!! Would any of you ever try this cleanse??

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