Dec 17, 2012

Our Town of Newtown, CT

Corey and I are from a small town called Newtown, CT. Had I mentioned this a week ago, it’s likely the large majority of you wouldn’t recognize that name. After this past Friday’s events, however, Newtown is probably a name with which you’re quite familiar.

 Over the last few days, we’ve seen our town’s name plastered on the television screen, spoken repeatedly on the radio and news, written, even, on basketball player Kevin Durant’s shoe. Professional sports teams around the world have had moments of silence for the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims and their families; games and goals and touchdowns have been dedicated to them. The Empire State Building shone brightly in blue and gold on Saturday, Newtown’s proud colors, and last night, the President of the United States spoke in our high school auditorium, on the stage where we spent countless hours rehearsing for musicals and chorus concerts. And each and every time I hear or see our town’s name mentioned, reported, publicized, or broadcast, I can’t help but cringe, while a chain of chills flows through my body.

You don’t ever think something as dreadful as Friday’s shooting will happen in your hometown…your quaint, tight-knit community of a hometown. Except now it has happened and Newtown will be forever changed. Our town is strong and we will get through this in time, especially with the overflowing support we’ve received in such a short period, but the events that have unfolded to make Newtown infamous will remain etched in our memories forever.

Please check out this well-written piece by our high school friend, Eddie Small, who so eloquently sums up the sentiments that are often too hard to put into words.

And as we mentioned on Friday, if you'd like to donate, here is the relief fund set up by a former classmate to support the victims and their families.

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  1. I can't put into words how I felt on Friday when I heard what happened. Or how I felt as I continued to follow the news coverage throughout the day. My heart breaks for you two as you deal with this tragedy in your hometown.


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