Dec 12, 2012

Travel Wishlist: American Edition

I've had my fair share of 13 hour family road trips and I could easily list off my favorite American cities with which I am familiar  thus far. Even still, I've been on a plane destined for Europe more times than I can count while the number of times I've flown across the U.S. are limited to one hand. It’s almost (key word: almost) as though I’m neglecting our little dinkster of a nation (that, let's be real, is  anything but little or dinky). As a result, I decided to create a travel wishlist comprised of places I've yet to go, but wish to see either because they have sentimental value, seem cool, or have that need-to-see-before-you-die type of vibe. Alas, in no specific order, here are my top 11 because 10 just wasn't enough:

[San Diego]
[New Orleans]
[Grand Canyon]
[Mount Rushmore]
[Las Vegas]
[Charleston, SC]

What places would you put on your American travel wishlist?

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