Dec 4, 2012


One of my favorite foods is eggs - in any way shape or form. If I have no dinner plans, there is a 95% chance I will whip up an egg-white and veggie omelet. So healthy, easy, and delicious. 

Yes, I know you've heard about the the debacle regarding eggs and cholesterol, but the health benefits of eggs outweigh all the negative criticism about their cholesterol content. Eggs are great for your eyes, they may help reduce your risk of cancer, and they are a great source of protein. The list goes on!

I also love hard-boiling eggs. They make a perfect breakfast or snack, and are somewhat portable. Although I have gotten strange looks when whipping a hard-boiled egg out of my bag but whatever! Whoever was staring at me was probably just jealous that they didn't have a hard boiled egg! Not only do I like them plain, I also love them chopped up on top of a salad (great source of protein). 

How about some healthy deviled eggs? Just replace the mayo with plain greek yogurt! Or, if you're an egg salad fan - utilize that same swap! Plain greek yogurt is a great sub for mayo.

Now, I know not all of you out there know how to hard-boil an egg. Or maybe you think you do, but they turn out undercooked, or the yolk is a nasty grey color, which is not very appetizing. 

I have perfected how to boil an egg, and I am going to share my secrets with you. Ready?

1. Place your eggs in a pot and cover with water, approximately an inch over the eggs. 

2. Place the pot on the stove top and turn the burner to a medium-high heat. 

3. Watch that pot!!! As SOON as it starts boiling remove the pot off the burner, cover it, and leave the eggs in that hot water for 10 minutes.

4. After ten minutes is up, transfer the eggs into a bowl of cold water. Let them rest for five minutes. 

5. Now crack one open, and enjoy!

[Perfectly yellow yolks, every time!]
[Have I mentioned how big of a dork I am yet?]
What's your favorite way to enjoy this incredible superfood?

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