Jan 31, 2013


New Years Eve is one of those holidays that everyone has SUCH high expectations for, and because of these expectations often the evening seems a little anticlimactic. This however, was not the case for my NYE. Approximately 2 weeks before the big night I still didn't have any plans. This really didn't bother me. I thought a night in with Alex and a bottle of wine sounded just as great as a rager in the city. However, when both of us were invited to by our friends to join them at a club called Providence in NYC, how could we say no?

We ventured to their apartment and were greeted by a home-cooked meal (thanks Mary), friends, and champagne! Already a great start to the night.

One the menu was kale caesar salad, pasta with homemade sauce, and garlic bread.

It was delicious and made our breath smell like we had been sucking on garlic lollipops. Whateva!

We changed into our NYE outfits and enjoyed some cocktails! Mary surprised us all with some NYE garb she picked up on the streets of New York!

We clean up pretty well, no?

We made our way out into the chilly evening looking quite dapper!

Finally we made it to Providence which was such a great venue! Not once did the place feel overcrowded, and if you were aggressive enough, you never had to wait for a drink!

We danced the night away (the music was great).

Jamie and Alex showed off their best bar-trick!

A couple hours after the ball had dropped, and once we had our fill of champagne, we decided to venture  back out into the wild streets of NYC!

Alex tried his very best to convince us all to go on to another bar.

We decided that we had had enough beverages for one evening and agreed that what we needed at that point was sustenance in the form of munchies. We group-hugged on it.

It was a long journey but we knew our final destination would be worth it.

Artichoke Pizza!!!! Anybody else as obsessed as I am? Probably the best slice o' pie I've ever had. Tastes like clam chowder soup on top of toasty bread ... in a good way.

Once we ate slices that were the size of our heads, we decided that we had enough fun for one night, and cabbed it back to Mary's apartment.

The following morning was spent recapping the evening by the glow of the Christmas tree and scarfing down some fresh, hot bagels.

Truly one of the best NYE's I've had! How was your NYE? Do you prefer a big night out with friends or a quiet night in with a bottle of wine?

Jan 30, 2013

Consider Me Obsessed

Once upon a time (aka up until a couple months ago) I had to artfully persuade Nicco into accompanying me to an Italian bookstore every so often. When I had succeeded, I would scour the English language section for something, anything, that might spark my interest. In this way, I read Pride & Prejudice (and enjoyed it) because 1) I had heard so much about it, 2) I felt an obligation to read such a classic and 3) I didn’t have much in the way of options. Alas, no more, my friends! Because I now have a Kindle and that thing is pure gold in my book. Pun, boom. Not only is it extremely easy to hold no matter the awkward position I choose to read in, not only can I buy any book from the convenience of my own home without any feats of persuasion or force, but with the help of Dropbox, I can share books with friends..fo’ free! 

[Downton Abbey]
Typically when I choose to watch a TV show, I go for comedy. A few weeks ago, however, I had caught up with my favorite funnies, had free time on my hands and decided to dive into the drama filled Downton Abbey. I am now addicted. Within an embarrassingly short period of time and thinking that the fourth season had just started airing in the U.S., I watched all of season 1, season 2, season 3…and then suddenly realized season 4 is still non-existent. So now I have to wait for a new one to come out every week like the rest of you, which is somewhat unfortunate.

[English Breakfast Tea]
If I’m going to become friends with the English (by watching a show about the English I mean) then I’m going to have to adapt to the English ways of course. English Breakfast Tea is my favorite way in which to warm up in this wintry weather with just a spot of caffeine so I can ease up on the double shots of espresso I’ve been sipping on lately. Despite what one might think, more caffeine does not make one more awake, it just serves to fuel the anxiety.

[Top Bun]
This trend may be old news to some of you, but I’m only just wrapping my head (or hair) around it. Bun pun! Best greasy hair/bad hair day/no time for beauty trick I’ve found and it looks flawless, as if you’ve put forth such effort, every single time. Besides, the reaction I got the first time I wore it out and told all my Italian friends I had a sock in my hair was just about priceless, in the best sense of the word.

Any book recommendations you’d like to share? How much do you love Downton Abbey?? What do you do with your hair when it’s full of those lovely natural oils?

Jan 29, 2013

Take Your Fingers to a Whole New Level

I'm sure you all already know about Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail polish strips. They are like the manicure god's gift to us ladies. Super easy to apply, no dry time, and if you take care of them - they can last up to 10 days! And, at around $8.50 a pop, the price can't be beat. 

Ready for some amazing news??

Essie now makes these nail polish strips!! They are called The Sleek Stick Collection and dare I say, they are even better than the Sally Hansen version. The patterns are more sophisticated and even give your nail a textured look, which I love. 

They were just as easy to apply as the Sally Hansen ones.

I decided to give the "Oh My Gold!" sleek stick first.

Ignore my dry cuticles and just look how GREAT my nails are! Up next I'm going to try the "Stickers and Stones" and "Over the Moon." I'm obsessed!

Have you ever tried Essie's Sleek Sticks? 

Jan 28, 2013

Guess who's back, back again!

After a month-long hiatus that was ultimately longer than originally expected, we’re back and we promise to never leave you hanging like that again! Because you all missed us so SO much right??

The holidays hurried quickly by this year and though they’re very obviously over, let’s rewind for just a moment to catch up on some of the highlights!

[Christmas decor in Firenze]
I arrived back in Italy a month ago today and it's been a whirlwind of activity since then. But before that...

There was SantaCon, an event for which everyone dresses up like Santa and bar crawls around the city...an event for which none of us actually wore a costume. Dressing in red and green counts too, right?

Cor and I spent a day in the city for work that included diddling around to deliver client gifts, lunch at the cutest Italian restaurant and a bottle of Chianti. If only every work day could be so wonderful. 

There were adorable Christmas cards to address, darts to play, (lots of) sushi to eat, and a birthday bar crawl in the sexiest vehicle around, a VW van from the 80s. Brett, consider this a blog shout out!

And best of all, there were reunions to be had just about every weekend!

I finished off the year in Florence with my Italian mangs, a festive dinner, fireworks, a concert and plenty of celebrating throughout the city streets.

How were your holidays?? I hope 2013 is off to a fantastic start for everyone!