Jan 29, 2013

Take Your Fingers to a Whole New Level

I'm sure you all already know about Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail polish strips. They are like the manicure god's gift to us ladies. Super easy to apply, no dry time, and if you take care of them - they can last up to 10 days! And, at around $8.50 a pop, the price can't be beat. 

Ready for some amazing news??

Essie now makes these nail polish strips!! They are called The Sleek Stick Collection and dare I say, they are even better than the Sally Hansen version. The patterns are more sophisticated and even give your nail a textured look, which I love. 

They were just as easy to apply as the Sally Hansen ones.

I decided to give the "Oh My Gold!" sleek stick first.

Ignore my dry cuticles and just look how GREAT my nails are! Up next I'm going to try the "Stickers and Stones" and "Over the Moon." I'm obsessed!

Have you ever tried Essie's Sleek Sticks? 

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