Dec 10, 2012

Let's Get Delicate

When I was younger, I used to wear the same Tiffany's necklace day in and day out. Maybe my style was simpler or maybe I was just lazier then, but in recent years I've drifted away from having a go-to necklace, opting for chunkier pieces instead. As of late, however, I've found myself coming back to those delicate necklaces that so nicely hang below the collar bone, exhibiting just a touch of class and sparkle. Here are a few I'm seriously lusting after:

Corey showed me this necklace several months ago and I didn't really pay much attention. (JK girl, I always pay attention to you!) It currently seems to be sold out everywhere I look, now that I really want it (karma), but I'm keeping my eyes peeled in hopes of it being available once more.

Speaking of karma, this necklace is called the "triple karma ring necklace" for the three types of karma: past, present and future. Karma is kool and so is the fact that Cece on New Girl donned it during the show.

I'm more into gold these days, but I love love love this necklace and feel like it would be especially beautiful for a bride.

I stumbled upon this necklace recently and I'm about two seconds away from ordering it for myself... despite the fact that I may have already bought myself some holidays gifts and have yet to finish my shopping for others. You have your pick of two or three initials and I really like the idea of getting "K" for my name and "N" for my boyfriend's. Cuda, no?!

Again with the initials, I love this monogrammed necklace. Having anything personalized just makes it that much those key chains that never had my name spelled correctly or the cups that came as goody bags at birthday parties when we were little. Was anyone else excessively excited about receiving anything that had your name on it?!

We all have our favorite cities or places that we just can't get enough of. Why not carry it around with you, keeping it close to your heart? 

Do you ever go through accessory phases? What pieces are you really into these days? Are you more a silver or gold girl?

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