Dec 5, 2012

Get Healthy Gift Guide

Part of the fun of getting healthy and working out is the collection of clothing and equipment you can put to use. Oftentimes we reward ourselves for doing something well with a tasty treat or a glass of vino, but this runs the risk of messing up any progress we've already made. Instead of looking to food as a prize, set goals for yourself and then decide on a small incentive that’ll encourage you, like a new fitness outfit! When you look good, you feel good and it only propels the healthy cycle!

Below is a gift guide with ways in which to pamper yourself as a reward for your progress that’ll provide further motivation, or that can serve as ideas for family or friends who love to get their exercise on!

1. Sneakers: New Balance fit my wide feet perfectly and they're my personal go-to choice of sneakers. If these aren't right for you, take a look at Asics, Mizuno or even Nike for your best fit. 

2. Leggings: These lululemon cropped tights are perfect for just about any type of workout and they function as just a regular pair of pants, if you so wish!

3. Ipod shuffle: This little ipod holds enough music to keep you pumped for days, is extremely portable and comes in a variety of pretty colors!

4. Sports bra: Ladies, we all know this is a definite necessity and both Cor and I have multiple of this particular kind. They're supportive and comfy (even if you have to wear a couple at a time) and again, they're available in any color your heart might desire (all of them).

5. Earbuds: It's the little details that matter, right? Why get a pair of ugly, black earbuds, when you can get all fancy with a pretty pattern!

6. Long-sleeve T: Running outside in the winter can be kind of terrible, but not when you have a long-sleeve Under Armour shirt to keep your limbs warm even before you get going.

7. Headband: Corey posted about these miracle bands last week that save you from those pesky beads of sweat on your brow!

8. Watch: If you're looking to keep track of your time or your miles, a Garmin watch is a great way to record your results. There are those that are higher end, of course, but this one in particular is great for someone getting started.

What motivates you to exercise?? Are you one to work out in an old t-shirt and sweats or do you like cute fitness outfits?

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