Nov 19, 2012

11 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Is My Favorite

As I bid adieu to my Italian friends last week, they wished me a “Buon Ringraziamento”, a Happy Thanksgiving. They joked about the poor turkeys, marveled at this unique American holiday and said (in Italian of course), “But we have just one question, why is it that you celebrate Thanksgiving?” They wanted to know the foundation for this feast, the reason that we observe this festival, a natural inquiry, especially considering all of theirs are based in centuries-old histories, most of which originated from Catholicism. I laughed and recanted the nice, innocent story we’re told as children growing up about the Pilgrims and Indians that in reality is anything but nice and innocent. Thanksgiving (or Tgives as we like to call it) is easily my favorite holiday and I hate that the history behind it belittles it’s very essence. So rather than basing the celebration’s purpose entirely on history, here are the reasons why in my opinion, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all. 

  1. Family – My brother, sister and I are all home for the week leading up to Tgives and the Ferguson house is a full one again.
  2. Friends – Everyone comes back from wherever they are and whatever they've been doing to be gloriously reunited. Thanksgiving Eve anyone?
  3. Awesomely delicious food. And probably the one day of the year that Americans beat Italians in this category.
  4. The encompassing positive atmosphere and good vibes that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside
  5. Appreciating everything and everyone you so fortunately have in your life
  6. Three day work week (that’s kind of more like two and a half).
  7. The lack of commercials and capitalism
  8. Leftovers, in particular, hot, open faced turkey sandwiches with homemade gravy. Mmmmmmm.
  9. Everyone celebrates! There isn't a question of religion or culture. If you’re American, you celebrate Thanksgiving.
  10. The start of the holiday season – If Thanksgiving is the peak of the roller coaster, the following weeks are the excited spirals and loops of lights and shopping and decorations, etc. Except I passionately dislike roller coasters and I love the weeks after Thanksgiving.
  11. What’s not to like when the hardest decision of the day is white wine or red wine??

What do you love about Thanksgiving?? What's your favorite holiday??

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