Nov 8, 2012

Lavish Leggings

Guys -- I have a confession. If I could, I would wear leggings all day errr day. So what! I like to be comfortable. I'm not going to lie to you, I think "jeggings" (horrible name) were God's  gift to people like me. Why wouldn't I want to spend all day in a pair of pants that feel like pajamas?? That was a rhetorical question. It's a no brainer people! 

In the beginning I played it safe: black leggings only! But ughh how boring is that? I recently bought the pair below...and I am OBSESSED. 

[Purchased here]
The aztec pattern is so versatile - totally wearable in the summer or winter! I've worn these with cons and a t-shirt for running some errands, and with heels and a tank top for a night out!

After purchasing those crazy leggings I was inspired to see what else the leggings-world has to offer me. Below is what has also found its way on my wish list!

[These leggings show that black does not have to be boring!]
[I love the neutral pattern on this pair]

[These leggings are out of this world! (Pun intended) ]

[I don't really see myself ever getting sick of ombre - and I love the unique shade of these leggings]

Are you a fan of the legging as well? Do you own any others besides the plain 'ol black?

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