Oct 1, 2012

Booties Booties Booties Rockin' Everywhere

When I’m home in the U.S. I have my handful of go-to stores where I know I’ll likely be successful in finding one treasure or another. Yet despite the fact that I've lived in Italy for over a year now, I’m still rifling around in search of my set of stores that warrant being labeled a go-to.  After all, it’s an esteemed honor to be named as such.

Last weekend I visited a store that I've seen all over the place called Piazza Italia for the first time, curious, but not necessarily expecting much. I didn't get far before being pleasantly fantastically surprised by these beauteous booties. Black wedges made of soft suede with a zipper up the side. For lack of any other word, they’re perfect.

Instantly, the brain wheels started turning thinking of all the outfits I could pair these with and to be honest, they still haven’t stopped. They’re perfect for a simple, casual day outfit – skinny jeans, a v-neck tee and a cardi or blazer, for example. Yet they easily transition into nighttime attire when coupled with a mini skirt, a combination that undoubtedly screams to flaunt those fabulous legs.  With a pair of slacks, they’re even work appropriate.

Though Piazza Italia does have stores in several other countries, they’re not available to the majority of the world so I've found a few options that are quite similar to the pair I found. 

This pair by Chinese Laundry comes in gray or leopard for a fun twist and they're made of vegan materials
I like these for their subtle detailing and the hidden elastic that allows for a quick slip on or off

This Steve Madden pair is almost exactly the same as mine, but with a higher heel and platform

These go a bit higher up on the ankle and have pretty pleated and knotted detailing

The studded cuff on these babies almost makes me want to attempt a DIY on my own pair

Generally speaking, I've included just those that are somewhat comparable to mine, but it’s not hard to find variations of this simple style as well, such as with an open toe, leather or another material, buckles or studs (as pictured above) and spikes.

What would you wear these with? Do you gravitate towards a simplistic pair like mine or one that stands out a bit more?


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