Jul 31, 2012

D.I.Y. : Lip Scrub

We all have our vices and bad habits, right? Well, unfortunately, mine effects my appearance. Often when I am stressed, bored, etc. I pick at my lip. Ugh I know, I know --  I'm gross. But I can't help it! I don't bite my nails, or take apart my split ends, but I just can't seem to stop my fingers from creeping up to my mouth. It's a horrible habit and I would love any suggestions you may have on how to stop this self-destructing act. During the summer months, this problem worsens because the sun causes my lips to become more dry and cracked than usual. 

The other week, when trying on various shades of lipstick in Sephora, I noticed that once I swiped on a shade of lipstick, it just seemed to make the appearance of my lips even worse! The color accentuated all crevices and dry skin. It was bad. So, I went to Google to try and find a solution to my problem; enter: lip scrub.

It was so easy to create this beauty potion, and I already had all the ingredients in my kitchen!  Just by using it a couple times per week, you are bound to notice a difference. Made of just sugar, honey, olive oil, and vaseline, this lip scrub has helped my lips infinitely.

[Vaseline, Sugar, Olive Oil, Honey]

Combine 1 tablespoon of white sugar, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, and 1/2 teaspoon of vaseline in small bowl.

Take a small glob (yes, glob) of the lip scrub and apply generously to your lips. Gently rub it in small circles until some of the sugar has dissolved. Rinse off with warm water, and apply lip balm afterwards.  You will notice the difference immediately! My lips felt softer and most of the dry skin had been removed. I love how this formula is all natural ingredients too! No chemicals is always a good thing.

The scrub will last about 1-2 weeks, longer if refridereated. Store it in a small, airtight container.

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