Jul 11, 2012

Peplum Perfection

Peplum popped up on runways all over the place this past Spring and though some thought it might never leave the catwalk, the style is quickly making its way into stores and wardrobes near you. 

The style may seem somewhat strange at first glance, it may be an acquired taste and you may be asking yourself why anyone would ever want to add extra fabric to the waist area. But despite the bit of frill around the hips, peplum can be remarkably flattering and it isn’t a style that requires a stick thin figure in order to pull it off. On the contrary, if you’ve already been blessed with curves, peplum only serves to highlight them. If you’re lacking in the curval category, you’ll appreciate the added shape from it’s generous silhouette.

Additionally, peplum can be couture or casual, while always appearing classy. The versality doesn’t stop there either. You can find peplum dresses, shirts, long or mini skirts so no matter what look you’re going for, you can do it with peplum. Personally, I’m on the search for a top similar to this first one below, though hopefully with a considerably lower pricetag.


How do you feel about peplum? Do you find it to be a style that is silly or smart?

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