Jul 18, 2012

Sun Saver

Generally speaking, I’ve never been one for hats. They fit awkwardly or make my ears look weird, etc., etc. Floppy hats, however, are a different story. I would be willing to say that they comfortably fit on most heads,  they don’t squish my ears like basecall caps do and their oversized feature has a flattering effect on the face. Moreover, they’re like your own personal, portable piece of shade that covers up your face and shoulders so you’re not looking like a lobster when it’s time to go out at night. And since laying out requires the most simplistic attire of all, a floppy hat adds a little something extra.

Target has some great options this summer whether  for a trip to the lake, beach or city. I’ve personally invested in the second one below for lounging on the beach all weekend long, (rain permitting - fingers crossed)!

Even if you're not a hat person like me, would you consider wearing one of these?

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