Jul 16, 2012

What a Stud

I have a good amount of big or dangly earrings, but my stud earring collection is pretty limited. That’s not to say I don’t love studs, I usually can’t be bothered to even change earrings and so I stick with my default pearl studs. 

After seeing this a while back, it sort of stuck with me. It’s so simple, there’s no need for material gathering at various stores (just grab a couple nail polishes) and it’s a fun little pop of color. So in my need for a new pair of studs, I decided I’d do a similar DIY of my own.

[I found these at a flea market a couple weeks back]

[Two coats of OPI’s Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It on the outer ring] 
[Two coats of Sally Hansen’s Sun Kissed on the inner loop]

Probably the quickest DIY around and now I’ve got a new pair of colorful earrings I can’t wait to wear!

Would you ever paint your own jewelry like this? What colors would you use?

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