Jul 24, 2012

Fringe Benefit

I've never been the biggest fan of fringes on clothing items. Typically, when I go out, I don't want to look like Pocahontas. However, the statement "less is more" holds true for this style. The right amount of fringe can give a simple piece of clothing some edge, and more of a boho vibe which is perfect for summer. 

Lately I've been seeing a lot of fringe on bathing suits which I love. A small strip of fringe can make an otherwise boring bandeau bathing suit top much more playful.

I LOVE the deep neckline of this bathing suit. I have a shorter torso so the cut of this swimsuit would definitely help to elongate my body. The fringe is  perfectly placed on this suit and is small enough that it doesn't take away from the rest of the detail of the bathing suit. 

Fringe is a great way to show some skin without being too risque. The crop top has the added fringe on the bottom which allows the wearer to show a tiny bit of midriff. I love the above look (which is a DIY!!) with the jean shorts or I could definitely see myself pairing the shirt with a high waisted skirt as well. 

The dress above looks like it would be so fun to wear! With the fringes blowing around in the wind. The particular dress above reminds me of a flapper's dress. I also love the crochet detail on the front. 

Booties are a great way to incorporate the fringe-fad into your outfit. Definitely more of a subtle look -  these tan boots are fabulous. I can see them paired with a sundress in the summer or dark skinny jeans in the winter (so versatile) and not to mention they look mighty comfortable.

If booties aren't your style, how about a sandal? With the tiny bit of fringe around the ankle, you will look like a hippie-goddess struttin' around in these bad boys. 

I recently purchased the above bag from Target! I was drawn by that gorgeous teal color and of course the fringe. Mid-August I will be heading to Europe and I can totally picture this bag on my shoulder while I'm cruising on the back of a scooter; fringe flapping in the breeze!

Will you be rockin' any fringe this summer? 

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