Jul 9, 2012

Food Babies Not Welcome

On hot and sticky summer days, I find myself heading to the kitchen much less than I would during hibernation time in the winter. Not because its swim suit season, or I’m trying to watch what I eat. Rather, it’s more so just because the heat tends to diminish my appetite and weighs me down, making me feel super lethargic. As a result, I can’t possibly imagine putting something heavy in my stomach.

Additionally, when Monday rolls around and I’ve usually eaten more than my fair share during the weekend (and I may still be full from the day before), I need to cleanse my system a little. Thus, when I stumbled upon this recipe, I knew I had to make it.

I love Caprese Salad and I love avocado each individually so I’m almost mad I never thought to combine the two on my own! Because that’s basically what this salad is. It’s quick and easy and it’s filling during the summer season when you just need to get some (delicious) nourishment into your system.

What is your go-to meal during the hot hot heat?

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