Jul 3, 2012

Product Review: Nail Art Pen

New nail-painting techniques are constantly emerging and I'm first to admit that often I am skeptical -- do they REALLY work?? When I saw the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens at my local CVS I was of course intrigued. I instantly began daydreaming about all the funky fresh designs I could draw on my nails; the possibilities seemed endless! So I chose the periwinkle shade and popped it into my shopping cart. 

I am so glad I made this purchase! This nail pen works so well. The color comes out evenly and allows the user to make some pretty intricate designs, especially if you've got a steady hand! 

Above are my designs, and although they are somewhat simple, they definitely add a unique touch to my manicure. 

Would you ever purchase this Nail Art Pen?

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