Jul 5, 2012

Leavin' on a jet plane...

... and don't know what to wear?? When choosing what to wear while traveling, you should pretty much prepare for anything and everything. Sound difficult? Don’t worry—choosing the perfect outfit does not need to add to your stress of traveling.

One important thing to remember is to dress in layers!! There is no telling whether your plane will be kept at sub arctic temperatures or will feel more like a stuffy oven, so be prepared for either

Start with a plain cotton tank top as your first layer. Cotton is a great fabric for traveling in because it’s extremely breathable and comfortable. 

For your next layer, I recommend finding a cardigan. Cardigans are extremely comfortable, easily removed (so you don’t disturb your airplane neighbor if you get too warm), and are so versatile. Choose a fun bright color to add some excitement to your trip.

Personally, I don’t like traveling in jeans. Often I think they feel too restrictive when I’m sitting on a flight for more than a couple hours. I also try to avoid leggings while traveling because I like to look a bit more “put together.” And for those reasons I think the legging jean was a genius invention. They are as comfortable as pajama bottoms yet look classy and polished.

One accessory I NEVER travel without is a scarf, no matter what time of year it is. It’s perfect if your flight is extra chilly, and it can also double as a pillow if you need to catch a few Z’s. 

And don’t forget about your feet!! I always make sure to wear a comfortable flat in case I need to sprint to my airplane’s gate during a layover. Choose a flat that breathes (leather is perfect) so your feet don’t get too hot. I also always bring a pair of socks in my purse just in case the flat doesn’t provide enough warmth.

Do you have a go-to outfit you use when traveling? Do you choose style over comfort? Or do you try to find a happy medium between the two?

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