Jul 30, 2012

3 Ways to Wear a White Tee

There are certain outfits that rely on intricate details and stellar design. Then there are other outfits that are super cute, but incredibly simple at the core. This summer I’ve been rocking the plain white tee quite often, but though it has plain written in the name, it’s a piece that’s anything but boring. White tees have awesome potential and versatility and it provides an opportunity to get a little creative!
Just the basic Hanes white tee

You may remember this post in which Ashley Olsen shows off her white tee and interestingly, it's one of my favorite outfits of hers. It’s not hard to replicate either! Pair this black skirt and a fabulous pair of heels and you’re set. 

Obviously colored skinny jeans are all the rage this summer and no matter what color your preference might be, what better way to highlight the bright skinnies than by playing down the top part of the outfit? 

For a more casual look, try a cute pair of loose fitting boyfriend shorts. Add a belt or a cute pair of sandals and you’re good to go. 

Keep the outfit simple and sophisticated as is or obviously an array of well-placed accessories never hurts either. If you have a chunky necklace, some bangles for your wrist or even a light scarf (if it’s not too hot out), add some small detail to the ensemble. And of course a cardigan that’s kept handy for chillier nights can easily be thrown on as well.

Do you ever wear a plain white tee other than for pajamas? And what do you typically pair it with? 

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