Jul 26, 2012

The Corey Sandwich

I know what you're thinking --  she's got a sandwich named after her???? Ehhh, ok that's not quite the case. I like to think I invented the following sandwich, and I could be wrong! Maybe your parents have been making you this exact sandwich since you were wearing footsie pajamas. But as far as I know, I am the first among my friends and family to have crafted this concoction and so I call it the Corey Sandwich. It's such a simple concept yet the flavors and textures of this sandwich far surpass any expectations I had for it. It combines my two favorite tastes - savory and sweet! 

To begin, fry an egg. Be very careful not to break the yolk! I think the trick to this is to make sure your pan has been coated with non-stick spray or butter.

Next, toast two slices of bread. On one of the slices, liberally spread an entire wedge of Laughing Cow swiss cheese. On the other, choose your favorite jelly (I went with blackberry) and generously coat the other slice of toast.

Slide the fried egg out of the pan right onto the cheese-toast (to help the cheese melt a bit). Sprinkle salt and pepper on the egg to your liking. Mmm...is your mouth watering yet?

Place the jelly-toast on top of the egg to complete your Corey Sandwich. Cut into that bad boy and let the yolk soak right into the bread. 

It's a work of art. And if you're anything like me, it will be devoured within 4 minutes (I just can't help myself - it's SO good). Please, do yourself a favor and go make this sandwich right now. 

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