Aug 2, 2012

A Step Above the Rest

I have never been one of those girls that has found high heels to be "comfortable" and "easy to walk in." Often, when I hear a girl make one of those statements my first thought is "liar!" Sorry! I just can't believe them. Never have I put on a pair of stilettos and convinced myself that they were easy to walk in and felt fantastic on my feet. That is...until I began to understand the criteria and characteristics that certain heels can posses that allow them to be more wearable. 

My senior year of college I purchased a pair of heels that I can miraculously wear for an entire night of dancing and frolicking with girlfriends, and not be in excruciating pain. I created a checklist in my mind of all the attributes a heel should contain in order for me to avoid crying/whining while I'm wearing them. 

First, it should have a thicker heel (or look for a wedge!) Lets be honest, if the heel looks like it would be hard to walk on, chances are it probably is. 

Next, I tend to look and see if the shoe has a platform under the ball of the foot. A platform gives you more height without the pain because it lifts your entire foot, without adding a steeper angle. 

Third, look for a shoe that has straps to hold your foot in. Having straps across the top of your foot will add support and take some strain off your foot. If your foot is secured into the shoe, it won't have to do as much work to hold itself in, allowing you to walk in them for longer periods of time with less pain.

I also recently found these wedges which fit all my criteria perfectly! Even though they give me about 5 inches of added height, if you look at the angle of the foot while in the shoe, there is such a small angle - they are so comfortable to wear and walk around in all day! That is all thanks to the high platform of the shoe, and the straps that hold your foot in. 

So there you have it -- it IS possible to have your cake and eat it too! Or, in my case, wear heels and be comfortable!

Do you go shoe shopping with certain criteria in mind? Do you find heels easy or difficult to walk in?

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