Aug 16, 2012

Mix it Up!

I find it very funny that just this past season we've seen a lot of fashion-savvy people mixing up prints- stripes with animal print, polka dots with floral, etc. Why is this amusing to me? Well, a good friend of mine from college used to mix prints all day errr day and she would usually just get strange looks from people! I knew my girl had style back in the day though! She was just ahead of her time! I remember one of her favorite combos was cheetah and tie-dye! 

When it comes to mixing prints, I think the best advice is to not fear the craziness!! Embrace it! If you are not sure whether or not two prints go together, maybe try and find two prints that have similar color schemes. Or, find a simple print (stripe, polka dot) and mix it with something more wild (zebra, floral). I don't always love every mixed-print look I see, but I think it's such a fun trend. It's such an easy and economic way to create a new outfit from pieces you already have in your closet! I'm excited to see how this trend will transition to the fall months.

All photos were found via Pinterest.

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