Aug 30, 2012

D.I.Y. : Flower Halo

Flowers are the quintessential summer hair accessory. And thankfully, in this day and age, fake flowers look extremely convincing. You don't have to be a green thumb to relish in this trend! Inspired by this look, I went out to my local craft store and gathered the supplies needed.

What you will need: 
-a fake flower (or flowers) of your choice
-floral tape
-floral cloth wire (either 16 or 18 gauge)
-2 cloth or felt circles
-super glue (or a hot glue gun - but I have an irrational fear of hot glue)
-wire cutter

This is a fun project because you can make it what you want - decide if you want just one large flower, or an entire "halo" of smaller flowers! If you don't want a flower "halo," try gluing a hair pin or a safety pin to the back to wear as a hair accessory or even as a fun addition to an outfit or purse.

To start, begin making your halo by bending the 2 pieces of the floral cloth wire into half circles. Lay these two half circles opposite each other to create a full circle and figure out the sizing of your halo by placing the wire circle on your head. Once you figure out how large your circle should be, securely tape the circle with the floral tape. Trim any extra wire.

Use the wire cutters to cut the stem off of your flower. Glue one of the felt or fabric circles to the back of the flower.

Lay the halo on top of the back of the flower. This is a good opportunity to hide one of the spots you taped with the floral tape. Lay the other fabric circle on top of the halo and glue the two circles together VERY tightly! Make sure there are no gaps within the two circles! Squeeze some more glue in there if there are.

Pop on your halo and rock that flower child vibe!

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