Aug 22, 2012

Race Ya Back

The current weather in Tuscany is slightly sweltering, to say the absolute least. Thus, though my mind tends to forget it’s August because my heart has already moved on to September, my body is begging me to come to grips with the fact that this heat is not yet over and fall layering is still not a possibility.

Every year, at this point in the summer, I become bored with trying to create cute outfits while wearing as little clothing as can be appropriate. The options are somewhat finite and I usually tend to grab an airy dress or some tank top/shorts/skirt combination.  When my outfits start to feel simple and uniform, smaller details, such as the style of the back, count more. One of my favorites in particular is the racer back. Whether loose or fitted, elegant or minimal, it never fails to be a flattering shape for any body type.  Plus, it’s a basic concept, but can easily be found almost anywhere on a variety of pieces.
[on sale!]

What do you typically do or wear when the summer uniform becomes a little repetitive?

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