Nov 28, 2012

Venice's Little Moments

Venice is wonderful for many reasons, but it’s the little moments, which can’t be easily captured that really make it unique.

In Venice,  the streets flood, sometimes lights go out for a few seconds in restaurants, and tourists wander passageways that turn dark and silent once the clock strikes 11pm (in a non-creepy way).

In Venice, canals are to roads and boats are to cars and unlike the rest of Italy, parking isn’t a problem. Even the police station is located on the water, with police boats and ambulances roaming the rivers, looking like something made out of LEGOs.

In Venice, days are devoted to walking through the tiny boutique-laden streets brimming with colorful glass sculptures specially created on the little (adorable, beautiful) Venetian island of Murano.

In Venice, I spent one morning running along the Grand Canal, with the water, the gondolas and the boats on one side, buildings bursting with history on the other. Without a glimpse of my watch, 20 minutes turned into an hour. I stumbled upon a brick lain path that led to a park resting on the water edge, as the scent of café and pastries wafted through the air and seagulls flew overhead.

Another night, we happily meandered into Piazza San Marco, stomachs full of food and wine, as the fog settled in from the Grand Canal. There was a sort of enchantment gushing from every nook and cranny; the classic streetlamps that seemed ignited, the people walking around whose figures cast faint shadows, the soft melodies emanating from a saxophone being played in a nearby restaurant that echoed throughout the piazza.

It’s the little moments like these that almost seem like too much, like as though they couldn’t possibly be real, that I wish I could bottle up and save for later. It’s the little moments like these that make Venice so magical.

[The Rialto Bridge]
[At the gala]
[Our hotel]

What's your favorite city? What moments made you love it so much?

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