Mar 8, 2013

All the Small Things

[Looking forward to celebrating my grandma's (she's on the left) 90th birthday this weekend!]
[The smell of this perfume alone has gotten me through these snowy months!]
[I've found my Kryptonite]
[At home gel manis]
[The first sign of spring!]
[Fresh squeezed OJ]
Happy weekend mangs! Today is International Women's Day so all you sexy, smart women better celebrate yourselves!!


  1. I've never tried the gel manis. Do you love them? Are they hard to remove?


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  2. They're so great! And not hard to do or remove -- just a bit more time consuming.

  3. love fresh OJ in the morning. xx

    The Provocative Couture

  4. I love, love the smell of Bobbi Brown beach and I'm so curious about at home gel manis - really want to try that!


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