Mar 21, 2013

Wait, what? -- Kombucha Edition

The other day on my lunch break I was wandering (typs, typs) around my local health food store, looking for something to satiate my tummy, also lovingly referred to as my bottomless pit. I walked by the refrigerated section and stumbled upon a group of drinks called GT's Kombucha. I'm a big health blog reader, so these beverages were familiar - but did I really have any idea what organic raw kombucha was? No, of course not. Did I buy the mystery drink to try? Yes, obviously! 

I purchased a couple flavors - with the "multi-green" one being my first victim. Once back at my office, I grabbed the bottle and noticed that there was some separation of ingredients going on in there -- little specks floating about. I gave the bottle a few good shakes to mix everything up. It was at that exact moment I read on the bottle "DO NOT SHAKE."

Alright then, off to a great start. 

I twisted off the cap and heard the distinct sound of carbonation - did I just purchase a soda by accident?? I took a sniff of the murky juice - it smelt like vinegar. 

So it was bubbly vinegar. Not exactly what I was hoping for. I decided to just go for it (hey-I did a juice cleanse, I can do anything!!)

I took a sip. Initial reaction? This stuff is weiiiirdddd. Not bad. Not super delicious. Just...weird.

I continued sipping because I'm a trooper! And by the end of the bottle - I was enjoying the stuff! It's got a bit of sweetness to it, and a nice effervescence I enjoyed. Sort of like a champagne. 

By the end of the bottle I was taking large gulps. It tasted healthy and I was enjoying it. Not to mention all the health benefits the bottle boasts...

On the bottle itself it informs you that the beverage aids in digestion, metabolism, immune system, appetite control, weight control, liver function, body alkalinity, anti-aging, cell integrity, and healthy skin & hair. It's also a great source of non dairy probiotics.

Kombucha comes in many flavors. I was informed by a friend of mine that I had actually chosen the worst flavor - whoops! I've got a strawberry one to try next that will hopefully make up for that. 

Have you ever tried Kombucha? What are your thoughts on this strange beverage?

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