Mar 18, 2013

All in the Bag

If there’s one accessory I’m typically willing to splurge on, it’s purses. They’re easily my weakness, but in my opinion, they're also an investment piece. Something that if purchased wisely, could last for years and years and outfits upon outfits and maybe even generations.

To be clear, however, when I say splurge, I mean it in the TJ Maxx/Marshalls sense of the word. When I’m home in the States, Corey and I will usually make a day of hitting up the local stores and while we make sure to cover the full territory of the retail space, our quest generally comes down to one thing: the bags.

We probably definitely don’t need a new bag, but nevertheless we’ll search and we’ll likely find a purse to obsess over and then the rationalizing and peer pressure and support kicks in.

With a visit back to the States around the corner, my mind can't help wandering to the purses I can only hope to find:

  1. Kate Spade Clutch
  2. Marc Jacobs Hobo
  3. Michael Kors Satchel
  4. Tory Burch Adjustable Mini Bag
  5. Michael Kors Shoulder Flap
  6. Kate Spade Cross Body
  7. Zara Evening Bag

What do you usually find yourself splurging on? Is there one fashion piece that you favor over another? 

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