Mar 27, 2013


I was hanging around on Friday afternoon, reading a book and waiting to go to the gym when Nicco came rushing into the room and excitedly asked, “Wanna go to Monaco this weekend?!” He usually has to work on Saturday mornings, but had this particular one off and so we decided on a spontaneous little road trip over the border.

It’s been raining like crazy here the past couple weeks and this weekend was no exception, but even beneath the rain, Monaco knows how to shine. There are certain streets of Monte Carlo that legitimately sparkle, the glitz of which was only magnified by the drizzle.

[yachts on yachts on yachts]
The moment we drove into Monaco, a Ferrari sped past and then another right after. It’s the home of an annual Formula 1 race and though the streets are winding and somewhat confusing, Nicco knew exactly where to go as a result of driving on those same streets on Playstation so many times. Kinda weird, right? 
Monte Carlo is the wealthiest quarter and it’s like entering into another, richer world. It’s like a little Las Vegas on the sea. There’s an enormous, intricately decorated casino, which we frequented one night. Parked outside were Ferraris, Maseratis, Bentleys, every fancy car imaginable, the cheapest of which were Mercedes. Never in my life have I seen so many high-end, luxury vehicles, let alone in one parking lot.

Monaco is also home to Grace Kelly, who married into royalty and became the Princess of Monaco.

[Our hotel overlooked the stadium of Monaco where Champions League and UEFA league games have played. The stadium is in Monaco, but our hotel just across the street is in France]
[This is the fastest straightaway in the Monte Carlo Formula 1 race]
[See the red marks? They're for the track]

I hope next time we visit Monaco it lends us a little sunshine, but rain or shine, it's beautiful all the same!


  1. This is the first time I've checked out your blog and I literally laughed out loud when you said Nicco knew where to go because of playing PlayStation ha. Too funny!

  2. So sad about the rain. I've never been to Monte Carlo much less Monaco and I've actually never even seen photos! So thanks for sharing! Hopefully it will be sunnier next time!



  3. Coline ChavarocheMarch 28, 2013 at 6:05 AM

    Monaco is a great city too bad it was raining :(


    Coline ♡

  4. I know! I'll take it as an excuse to go back when it's sunny :)


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