Mar 19, 2013

Washington D.C.

Alex and I took a road trip down to Washington D.C. this past weekend! Alex had never been and although I have been a couple times, it was never to check out the monuments or museums. An educational trip was necessary! We went through the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the International Spy Museum, had some great meals here and here, took a bike tour, and just all around had  a great time. Below are only a fraction of the photos I took (I'm a camera whore), hope you enjoy!

[Who doesn't love a road trip with your best mang?]
[D.C. has such a comprehensive (and clean) metro system]

[We said "hello" to the Obama's]

[Walking around enjoying the spring weather]

[Somehow I had major helmet hair before I ever even put on a helmet - gross]

[Enjoying the bike tour!]

[Nothing says vacation like raw clams and truffle mac n' cheese!]

It was a great mini-vacation and I'm already looking forward to planning our next adventure!


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  2. cori @olivetorun.comMarch 19, 2013 at 2:21 PM

    Great pictures and it looks like you had a nice time! :) My sister moved to W.DC a few months ago so I've been able to go more regularly.


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