Jun 5, 2012


Within the last few years it’s safe to say I’ve grown obsessed with perfumes. I love the fact that within my head, I link memories to a particular scent. For example, when I traveled to Italy and stayed with Ferg for 3 weeks last summer, I brought Marc Jacob’s Lola with me and we doused ourselves with it daily. Now, whenever I get a whiff of that perfume, I am mentally transported back to Tuscany with my best friend.

Recently I was introduced to a new perfume…Beach by Bobbi Brown. Oh my goodness, one spritz of this scent and your skin smells exactly like a day at the beach; suntan lotion, salt, and the ocean water are the individual factors that stick out to me when I smell this auroma. Currently I refuse to leave the house without using this perfume so that while I’m sitting inside at my desk for 8 hours a day, or dodging puddles when running into a store, I can smell my wrist, close my eyes, and practically feel the sand between my toes. 

[Beach - Bobbi Brown]

What is your favorite scent for the summer?

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