Jun 20, 2012

Beach-y Hair

If your hair is anything like mine, it is crazy and has a mind of it's own. Very few hair products can tame it without using damaging tools such as a blowdryer or a straightener. However, I have found, that a day at the beach proves to be my preferred hair styling procedure. It's something about the salt in the wind and the water that my hair thrives on. After a few hours of splashing around in the ocean and digging my feet into the sand, my hair transforms into a lovely cascade of waves and curls. 

Unfortunatly, because I have bills to pay and an expensive lifestyle to live, I must maintain a 9-5 job. This schedule clearly does not allow for many beach days and therefore my hair misses out on it's best stylings! Not okay. I'm sure you are aware of the products that exist that promise to make your hair look like you spent a day by the sea, but I am not about to drop $24 on a bottle of water that, for all I know, they could have just gotten from the Long Island Sound. So I thought, why not make my own? So that is what I did and you will not believe how simple it was.

First, find an empty (and clean!) spray bottle. I tied some seashells to it so I would be able to distinguish my new hair styling creation from a home-made cleaning solution.

Next, pour in 1 cup of warm tap water. Make sure that it's warm! Add 1 tsp of sea salt. Do not use table salt as a substitute because you will not achieve the same results. Next I added 1 tsp of a coconut hair conditioner, because it makes the spray smell divine and it will leave your locks smelling like a day on an island. Last, add 1 tsp of hair gel, to prevent frizz and to lock in your waves. Throw all those ingredients into the spray bottle, twist on the cap, and give it a good shake to make sure everything dissolves. 

Finally, it's time to give it a try! Start with clean, towel-dried hair...

Spritz your damp hair with the sea salt spray. Next, I used an old t-shirt to scrunch my hair. The reason I use an old t-shirt as opposed to a bath towel is because the rough texture of the towel causes my hair to frizz more than using a smooth t-shirt. Flip your head over and make sure to scrunch the hair underneath as well. Then, just let your hair air dry! So easy.

Since my hair can get pretty crazy and out of control,  I love tying the front pieces back, just to give it a more refined and under-control appearance. This hairstyle will leave your friends asking "where was my invite to the beach??"

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