Jun 12, 2012

The Bathroom Sink

I’m no interior designer, but I know what I like when it comes to home décor. And while I am nowhere near owning a home and decorating it, it doesn’t hurt to practice on the few rooms that I can call my own.  I don’t know about you, but I spend a good amount of time in the bathroom; it’s where I get ready to start my day and where I prepare to travel off to dreamland. My bathroom wasn’t in bad shape before, but the few items that hung out on the counter top really grossed me out and I considered them the opposite of aesthetically pleasing.

I use mouthwash every day, so it’s very convenient to keep it out on the counter. However, I don’t think Listerine tried very hard when creating the container that their mouthwash is kept in; it’s bulky, ugly, and in my opinion does not belong within eyesight. But, don’t panic! There is a simple and inexpensive solution. I purchased a glass container with a cork top and poured my mouthwash into it and voila! The mouthwash is no longer an eyesore AND is still in a convenient location.



Next up…my toothbrush’s home was a childish, plastic, color-changing cup. It was pretty much heinous and had to go. Once again, another simple solution! Just purchase a simple glass…actually MADE of glass! Much more grown-up looking, right? Now as long as I don’t break it I’ll be good.

Previously, if guests wanted to wash their hands (which any hygienic person should do after using the bathroom) they had to take their lives into their own hands (pun!!!) and use this nasty dish soap that has been sitting on that counter probably since I've moved in. Gross. Now, disenfecting has gotten a lot less life-threatening with the addition of a stainless steel liquid soap dispenser.

[Dish soap-before]

[Liquid soap-after]
I used to keep my Q-tips and cotton balls in a plastic container, which wasn’t completely heinous or anything but had been dropped several times (don’t bother asking me how) and had an unsightly crack right in the top. No need to keep it out in plain view! I bought 2 small glass jars with lids; cotton balls in one and Q-tips in the other. Perfecto! 

[Q-tips & Cottonballs-before]

[Q-tips & Cottonballs-after]

Last but not least - never underestimate the power of some fresh flowers, or in my case fake (since I can barely keep myself alive) thrown in a colorful vase. They can completely transform a corner of a room!

Do you have any tips or advice on easy (and inexpensive) home decorating?

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