Jun 18, 2012

Bikini Babe

I went to the seaside this weekend and realized a very important thing: I’m in need of a new bathing suit…or two. Understandably so, bathing suit shopping isn’t my fave and thus I haven’t done it in a while. However, having a new bikini to wear definitely adds even more excitement to an already much-anticipated trip to the beach. 

When it comes to searching for the most flattering pieces, I don’t put too much thought into the bottoms as I don’t have much of a butt. On the other hand, I definitely need support in the chest area so finding the perfect top can be somewhat of a challenge. I’d love to be able to buy tops wherever my heart desires, aka Target, but alas, boob support is just about non-existent in that place and that’s not the prettiest sight to see.

As a result, I’ve come to rely solely on Victoria’s Secret for all my swimsuit specifications.  They’ve got boob support down to a science and I’ve got plenty of options from which to choose.

This halter style with the thick band underneath is my go-to top. It’s flattering and supportive and ties at the neck and back so it’s fully adjustable. It’s offered in a ton of different colors and patterns and I’m loving this tye-dye version for this summer.

This particular triangle top resembles a bra and it works just the same while staying sexy. It offers the least coverage so you can show off what your mama gave ya.

Once upon a time, I didn’t think bandeau bikini tops were possible for us busty ladies. I thought for sure they’d result in sagginess, which is just not something I’m looking for in my twenties. Luckily, the geniuses at VS have mastered the busty bandeau with underwire cups, a removable halter strap and possible push-up padding if you’re feeling frisky.

Are there any particular styles you’ve found work best for your body? Any stores you depend on for all your bathing suit needs?

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