Feb 4, 2013

On Turning 25

Growing up,  I considered one’s birthday to be one’s special diva day. On January 20th, best beware, my little girl fantasies flourished, hopes were high and every little detail had to be perfect. Then somewhere along the way, I decided birthdays had a slight tendency to seem like my own personal New Year’s Eve, in which the anticipation and expectations were so great that the probability of perfection would likely be impossible. Read: I was a “difficult” child and I was quite literal in using my birthday as my Diva Day.

I like to think I’ve chilled out a bit since my youngin’ years. I still get excited when my birthday rolls around and if you want to throw special treatment my way, I will gladly take it, but I don’t try to make it any big thaang. Good food, family and friends and I’m set.

This year, we planned to have dinner in Florence with a small group of my favorite people here, with the theme of the night deemed “pochi ma buoni”, few but good, or better translated as only the best. The rest of the night was left wide open with the intention of strolling around the city, popping champagne and ya know, celebrating my greatness. Or so I thought...

We were on our way to a bar on the other side of the Arno, my friend Jessica excitedly explaining that there were darts awaiting us, when we came upon a limo and it’s driver, to whom Nicco swiftly sauntered over.

“Guys, why is Nicco talking to that limo driver?” I asked, perplexed. And then it hit me. The limo was for me! I’m not normally one for surprises (something which Nicco likes to gently ignore), but seriously, best. surprise. ever. Talk about diva!

For the remainder of the night we were chauffeured around the city, ballin’ in the Bentley, stopping momentarily at our favorite bars (pit stops, mangs, they’re SO important), only to promptly dash off to our next unknown destination. 

We ended the night at Piazza Michelangelo, which if any of you have ever been, is easily the most beautiful view of Florence, day or night, rain or shine, and quite arguably makes the list of most picturesque places in the world.

If this is 25, then by all means, full speed ahead.

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