Feb 21, 2013

Bedazzle Me

5.  J.Crew Blazer
6. Urban Outfitters Blazer
7. H&M Dress
8. ASOS Dress
9. Zara Skirt
10. Anthropologie Beanie
11. ASOS Beanie
12. Anthropologie Headband
13. ASOS Sunglasses
14. Anthropologie Belt
15. ASOS Sandals
16. Anthropologie Pillows

When it comes to sparkle and glitter, I'm all for it as long as it's done tastefully. I'm loving the little bits of subtle embellishment that are currently popping up all over a variety of pieces, head to toe, for both winter and spring. It isn't overdone and smoothly adds just a hint of elegance to an otherwise simple garment. 

What do you think? Tacky or tasteful?

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