Feb 12, 2013

A Trip to Tijuana

When in the States and deciding upon a place to dine, the discussion is typically sprinkled with a slew of suggestions that scale the food spectrum. What are we in the mood for? Do we want Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Latin American? The list goes on. You name it, you’ve got it. 

Likewise, in Italy, the proposed array of exceptional restaurants to attend and fantastic cooking to enjoy is infinite. Where the two diverge in similarity, however, is in terms of the diversity of options. The honorable mentions among a group in Italy will most likely consist of this Italian or that Italian. Or, ya know, Italian. And it’s not labeled “Italian”, it’s just considered food. Which, duh, of course it is, and quite clearly, those Italians know their food so no problem, let’s go for some Italian.

But even still, occasionally it’s nice to switch up the routine and spice up the palette with something a bit different from the norm. And sometimes, if you’re anything like me, you just can’t help when that hankering for Mexican hits. Fortunately when it does, all it takes is a quick trip to Florence, straight on to Tijuana, to get those cravings satisfied.

Tijuana has two locations in Florence, one right off Piazza Santa Croce and the other a bit outside the main center, but still within reasonable walking distance. Both serve up a quaint, comfortable ambiance as the perfect place to relax while relishing in the savory Mexican cuisine.

First up for order: a pitcher of frozen margarita. As if there was even a question on the matter.

I went for my usual: a burrito gringo served with chicken, cheese, pico de gallo, and lettuce with a strong kick to boot.

My date opted for the quesadillas tinga pobiana -  flour tortillas stuffed with cheese, chicken, spicy sausage and topped with hot sauce.

Rather than concluding dinner with dessert, we chose a superior sweet: our own, individual margaritas. The perfect way to get a little taste of summer mid-February and to take a little vacay, if only mentally, from the wintry weather.

What is your favorite type of food when you go out to eat? Do you have any ways  to escape the cold even if you can't actually get to tropical weather?

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