Feb 5, 2013

Mangs in Florida

A couple years ago my best friend, Michele, moved from the house down the street all the way to Florida with her family. As heartbroken as I was to see her go, a part of me was a bit excited to have a friend living in Florida! And finally, a few weeks ago, I made the trek down with my other mang, Lindsay!

Despite some minor setbacks (i.e. Lindsay and I not realizing that our flight down there was changed and we were put on two seperate flights, 5 hours apart) we were all reunited at last! And what a glorious reunion it was...

Our first gorgeous, 70-degree day started off with beautifully crafted lattes from Black Gold Coffee Roasters. As hipster as it was to take these photos, you just can't deny how pretty the foam designs were.

After the last drops of the coffees were savored, we decided that a venture down to the beach was absolutely necessary.

The classic "love" shadow shot.

What would a weekend with your girlfriends be without a crazy night out??

The next day the sun was out once again, and it was warm enough for us to catch some rays. Back to the beach we went! 

Eventually, our little tummies started grumbling. And there was only one thing that would satisfy our needs ... daiquiris! If you're ever near a Daiquiri Deck, I highly recommend it. An endless variety of flavors and combinations, there is a daiquiri on the menu for everyone! Just a warning - sip slowly! No one likes brain freeze.

From there we did some daiquiri induced shopping...

Don't worry, no shorteralls were purchased in the making of this blog post.

One of my favorite meals that we had in Florida was at an Italian restaurant called Made In Italy. We all split a bottle of chianti, and I ordered the carbonara. It was delicious and took all of my willpower not to lick my bowl clean.

It goes without saying that I had an amazing time with my besties in Florida. It has been decided that this is going to be an (at least!!) annual trip. 

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