Sep 3, 2012

September Resolutions

There’s something about September that feels crisp, fresh and completely brand new. A cool breeze gradually clears out the heat of summer, but nothing in particular in my work day routine changes much. So what is it about September that causes me to want to start anew and make some changes?

I think it mainly stems from the reminders of back-to-school traditions that September carries. The years of first day of school outfits, the immaculately clean new pairs of sneakers my tomboy self always donned in elementary school, the adventures to the nearest office supplies store to compile the list of school necessities (which I’m seriously nostalgic about). The overall feeling of a new beginning with tons of possibilities. Corny enough for you yet?

Either way, though September doesn’t necessitate the above any longer, it’s been conditioned within me to distinguish this month as a fresh start. Thus, September and making resolutions makes more sense to me than doing so in January when it’s cold, days are shorter and I’m more inspired to hibernate than anything else. So I decided to make a list now, rather than later, for motivation and encouragement. 

Do you have a month or season that feels like new other than at the New Year? What would you put on your list of September resolutions if you had one? 

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