Sep 25, 2012

Elbow Room

Summer is great and all, but I love feeling that first chill in the air because that means I can break out all my sweaters and cardigans, which happen to be my favorite type of clothing. My group of friends (Ferg included) rarely go anywhere without a cardigan. It has gotten to the point where we even bring them out to parties or bars, thus giving the cardigan a whole new meaning and a whole new name – the “party cardi.”

Shopping for a new sweater isn’t a difficult task; there are so many styles, colors, and options to choose from. I recently purchased the below Ralph Lauren sweater and it was most definitely love at first sight.

[Hello gorgeous]
I love the camel-hue of the sweater; neutrals are perfect for the fall months. And I love the strip of suede lining down the front row of buttons in that rich chocolaty shade of brown. My favorite thing about this sweater though, are the elbow patches! I think elbow patches are such a classic characteristic for a sweater to have. They remind me of rainy days in England and grandfathers (weird combo I know but don’t judge me). 

After finding that sweater, I went on the hunt to see what else the fashion world had to offer in the way of elbow patches; my results were pleasantly surprising!

Instead of regular-shaped patches, check out these heart ones! Now you really can wear your heart on your sleeve!

This sweater not only has heart-shaped patches but it also utilizes one of my other favorite fashion trends – color blocking! I really love the pink and navy together, girly but not to an annoying extent.

Not into the whole “cardigan scene?” (Although you’d be crazy not to be…) try a pull-over sweater – still with those great elbow patches!

There's such a variety out there when it comes to cardigans - I can't wait to see what designers come up with next!


  1. Very cute blog!
    I like the heart patches ^^

  2. The heart patches are to cute!

    Sita & Radha

  3. I love elbow patches when done right. Sometimes they look cheap or unnecessary but this heart shaped ones are cute, I like them. Cheers from Milan. :)

    Check out my blog @ :: Fashion, Photography & Rants

  4. love your blog!! check out my store

  5. Love the patchwork trend! And the heart patch work is adorable! I feel like this would be a fantastic DIY!


  6. The heart-shaped patches are so cute;)


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