Sep 13, 2012

Are You Faux Real?

As a huge fan of this leather trend that is coming in to play this fall, and also a friend of the animals, faux leather is a life saver. Of course, I couldn't wait for the fall to wear this trend, so in the middle of the hot summer I bought a pencil skirt from Forever 21 with faux leather accents. 
[Skirt, Forever 21]
Not the greatest photo (showcasing alcoholic beverages -- not my great purchase) but you get the idea. I've found so many great (faux) leather pieces! They add the perfect amount of sass and sex appeal to any clothing item.

[Dress on left, dress on right]

Trying leather in a dress allows you to feel a little badass but there is still that feminine touch because it IS a dress after all! I also love the brown stripes in the second dress. Whoever said brown and black don't go together does not know what they are talking about -- one of my favorite color combinations!

[Shorts on left, leggings on right]
Not feeling those leather dresses? How about shorts or some leggings? Both pieces are so versatile. To offset the intensity of the leather bottoms, try a pale-colored, flowy top to add a feminine touch.  And it's clear you don't need to wear crazy high heels with leather leggings because look how great those canvas cons pair with them!
[Skirt on left, skirt on right]
I'm so excited to wear my leather skirt this fall, with some dark tights of course! It's going to add such an edge to my wardrobe, and will be a great way to mix textures. 

[Jacket on left, shirt on right]
If you're concerned about coming off as too "bad ass" when wearing leather (although I don't know if that's even possible) try looking for pieces that just have small leather accents. 

Don't be afraid of leather! It's such a versatile material and can be found on so many clothing pieces now that the cooler weather is coming.

Do you already own leather clothing? Will you be sporting this trend in the fall?

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