Sep 5, 2012

In the Middle

Growing up, my mom would always (read: when I let her) brush my hair into a side part for school pictures or other momentous occasions, while I’d whine that I wanted a middle part like other girls my age. Then again, I also wanted super long hair (which I had), but didn’t want to be tasked with brushing it every day (so I didn’t) and you can imagine how that turned out.  Anyway, I felt like side parts were too mature, though I now realize that no second grader, especially one whining about her hair, is going to look mature regardless of the parting on her head. My mom would reassure me that the side part was my natural part and I would reluctantly keep it in tact long enough to snap a few pictures.

It wasn’t until years later that I learned to accept and appreciate my mom’s guidance as wisdom and I haven’t strayed from the side part since. Until now, that is. I’ve become intrigued once more and have been experimenting with the many options the middle part has to offer. Because really, there are so many possibilities!
Gwyneth Paltrow and Queen B rock the straight, sleek and slimming look. This is the middle part in the extreme and doesn't necessarily work for everyone. But if it does, work it girl! A good way to try it out would be to part the hair when it’s still wet and then blow dry. Then use anti-frizz serum to make sure the front pieces don’t pop up!
Wearing waves is always fun and in this case they add a softness so that the center part isn’t so harsh on your face. Start the wave at eye level or lower and curl away from your face so it creates a nice frame.
If wearing a part fully down is too intense for your face shape, you can easily pull back two small pieces by your ears and pin them back with bobby pins. Or you could even braid back to the two pieces as well to create a more bohemian look.
There are plenty of ways to wear an up-do paired with a center part such as in a bun, loose braids or even a sleek ponytail.
If you’re looking to grow out your bangs, the middle part is a great way of doing so. Straighten the pieces slightly back so they create a very slight wave and aren’t dead straight. This adds body and creates a more natural look.
If you’re not confident in your ability to pull it off, creating a somewhat messier or uneven part (by separating with your fingers rather than a comb) or even parting the hair very slightly off center, takes a little bit of the edge off. This is also a great trick for those who have a cowlick.

What do you think of the middle part? If you decide to rock it, which way works best for you?

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