Sep 24, 2012

Pleats Me

This past Friday night was spent wandering around Florence, visiting the numerous historic palaces, and partaking in a unique wine tasting at each site. Needless to say, the palaces were beautiful, the wine was delicious and the weather was absolutely perfect for a September evening.

As we walked around throughout the night (and obviously people watched) I noticed a few girls wearing pleated skirts. When I typically think of pleated skirts, I think plaid, old-fashioned, school girl uniforms, but that’s not what I’m referring to. These skirts redefined my idea of pleats and now I can’t get the floating images of pleated skirts out of my head.  Seriously, not kidding, they’re up there dancing around right now.

There are so many different types! On the one hand you have the maxi pleated skirts or the high-low pleated skirts. Then on the other, there are the mini-skirt pleated skirts or pleated skirts that almost seem like tennis skirts. I’ve unofficially won the award for highest usage of the words “pleated” and “skirts” in a single post.

Anyway, each skirt is awesome in it’s own right (if skirts had rights) and they’re perfect for this time of year when it’s warm during the day, but chilly enough for a jacket at night. You can pair them with a tank top, a graphic tee, a cardigan or a light jacket. The layering options would almost be overwhelming if they weren’t so wonderful, not to even mention the accessories! Here are a few pleated skirts I’ve found that demonstrate their diversity.

How do you feel about pleats? Do you have a preference in pleating style?

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