May 24, 2012

Spring & Summer Shows

Usually when I catch footage of a fashion show, I often find myself thinking that the models strutting their non-existent butts down the catwalk look absolutely ridiculous. Designers often go to the extreme when trying to get their ideas across to their audience. I understand that often as these designs trickle down to us commoners, they become more wearable. But the other day, as I was browsing the show footage for Spring/Summer 2012 collections, I found myself thinking more than once “oooohhhh how should I go about saving money for that???”

Here are a few looks I’ve recently become obsessed with…

Marc Jacobs

I love – tailored jackets, neutrals, head scarves, metallics, collared shirts with sweaters, hidden gingham prints, transparent skirts.

Anna Sui

I love – retro vibes, pantsuits, mixing patterns, feminine florals, broad-brimmed hats, red lips, bright purple, rompers, chunky necklaces

Louis Vuitton

I love – ultra feminine dresses, transparency, white lace, nude faces, lush lashes, jeweled headbands, over-sized lace peter pan collars

Are you planning on trying any of these trends this summer?

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