May 18, 2012

All the Small Things

Oftentimes we’re surrounded by the "little things in life” that, if noticed, effortlessly provide a bit of happiness or inspiration to enhance an otherwise ordinary day. Yet we regularly miss these things; too busy rushing around, unaware of what’s around us. Thus, we’ve gathered a few things making us happy this week:

[Colorful peppers that eventually became the key ingredient in fajitas]   
[A beautiful bridge along the Bisenzio River in Prato]
[Inspirational dark chocolate that becomes oh so necessary 
at approximately 3 pm Monday through Friday]
[A vibrant new eye shadow collection]
[Cor’s favorite Picasso piece lit up by very out of season Christmas lights]  
[A "shakerati", the Italian version of an iced coffee]
What small things add something special to your daily life?

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